Carcross General Store

Almost a Ghost Town – Carcross, Yukon Territory

During the ferry trip to Alaska, I met several great people.  One of them heard that I was leaving via Skagway.  She told me not to miss Carcross, which was a small town between Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and Skagway, Alaska.  It used to be named Caribou Crossing and was changed to Carcross in the early […]


The Bears of All Bears

Remember when I couldn’t believe I saw black bears along the highway?  And, remember how cute the grizzly sow and cubs were? Well today I had quite a treat while traveling the Klondike Highway.  Nope, I didn’t run into anyone rushing to stake their Klondike Gold Claim.  I came across not one, but two grizzly […]

Alaska Highway - Bear By Himself

Bears Taking Over the Alaska-Canada Highway

I thought seeing bears was a long shot, but it didn’t keep me from hoping.  Imagine my surprise when I suddenly saw two sitting on the side of the Alaska-Canada Highway.  I figured they would run off before I got my sunroof open and wiggled my way through (there was no way I was getting […]

Alaska Marine Highway

Breaking News…Part One of My Alaska/Canada Road Trip Itinerary Has Changed

Last week I shared part one of a proposed itinerary for my Alaska/Canada Road Trip in my “Preparing Myself for a Road Trip” post.  Things have changed.  Although I’d really love to drive all the way to Alaska a different opportunity arose to today.  I’m purchasing a roundtrip ticket on the Alaska Marine Highway (the […]