Kinley as My Co-Pilot

Preparing Myself for a Road Trip

I leave for Canada and Alaska in just over two weeks.  The time has been zooming by and I feel unprepared, especially since I’m going to be gallivanting around Portland this weekend (another post about that soon). I already mentioned how I’m preparing my car and my dogs for our upcoming road trip through Canada […]

Road Trip Packing List

This is a list of additional items I would bring on a road trip.  For a list of personal items, check out one of my other packing lists. Sleeping (a) Cooking Comfort Tent Cooler Camp Chair (c) Air Mattress Food and Water Camp Light Pump Matches Citronella Candles Sleeping Bag and/or Blankets Camp Stove   […]

Kinley in the Car

Preparing My Dogs for a Road Trip

I’ve taken one dog on a road trip before.  Kinley and I did a 5,000+ mile road trip in 2010.  I took both Kinley and Aker on a camping trip last summer, but that was only a few hours of driving.  In May all three of us will be embarking on another 5,000+ road trip […]

Preparing My Car for a Road-Trip

I’ve done several road trips.  A few while growing up and several solo trips as an adult.  The piece of any road trip that I have the least control over is my car.  I, like a lot of other people, am not savvy when it comes to car repairs.  Because of this I do everything […]