Sierra Negra Caldera

Hiking into a Volcanic Caldera

During my trip to the Galapagos, we stayed three nights on Isabela Island.  All the islands of the Galapagos were formed by volcanoes and Isabela is no different, but it was the one island where we ventured up to, around the rim of, and into a volcanic caldera.  Isabela is also where I learned the […]

Flat Top

Hiking and Viewing at Flat Top in Anchorage, Alaska

Whenever I’m asked for places to see in Alaska (or more specifically Anchorage) Flat Top makes the cut.  The main viewing area can be accessed by car (driving directions below).  Depending on the weather Mount Susitna (Sleeping Lady) and Mt. McKinley and its foothills can be seen across Knik Arm.  Also, Anchorage in its entirety can […]

Mount Rainier

Franklin Ghost Town

Saturday’s hike marked our second attempt to get to Franklin Ghost Town. This time I had a rain jacket that was the right size, but wouldn’t you know it wasn’t really needed. It was a gloriously sunny day. I did put it on to start our hike because of the 32 degree temp, but it […]

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls is on the Boulder River Trail.  To Get there head east from Arlington, Washington on Hwy 530 to milepost 41 and turn right on forest road 2010.  The dirt road goes for 4 ½ miles before ending at the Boulder River Trailhead.  It’s only a 1 ¼ mile hike to Feature Show Falls.  […]

Fairfax Bridge over Carbon River

Hiking to Melmont Ghost Town

What I won’t do to have a little adventure in my life. Today the plan was a hike to Melmont Ghost Town.  We were to see remnants of buildings left behind from a time when Melmont Coal Mine was active.  As is usually the case with me, I picked this hike based on a story […]

Green Berries

Lord Hills Park in Monroe, Washington

When I heard that this week’s theme for FriFotos, on Twitter, was green I immediately thought of a hike we did at Lord Hills Park near Monroe, Washington last summer.  If you are in the area, definitely check it out (at the end of this post I’ve listed some information). I like this green leaf so much […]

Walking in the Steps of Mayans at ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal)

Today was my second and my Mom’s first visit to ATM.  It was tied for my favorite things to do in Belize when I visited in December 2010.  Today I wasn’t sure what to expect…would it be exactly the same?…would it be completely different?…what would be different? I was definitely not let down.  We had […]

Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene (almost) – July 17, 2011

This hike to Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene was both difficult and entertaining.  Julie had to cancel the day before because of an event her son was doing and she didn’t want to feel rushed…neither did the rest of us.  John cancelled the morning of because his shoulder was still hurting from our Barclay […]