Kinley and Aker on Lower Car Deck

Dogs on the Alaska Marine Highway System (Alaska Ferry)

I’ve shared a lot of stories/photos from my trip on the Alaska Marine Highway, but I have more! When I decided to go to Alaska I wanted to bring my dogs with me.  The original plan was to drive.  After thinking about it and some sound advice from my dad, I decided to take the […]

Cow Moose

Moose Gone Wild in Denali National Park and Preserve

Yesterday I took the shuttle into the park, but I had no idea that the most “exciting” thing that would happen was waiting for me back at camp. I stayed at the Riley Creek campground near the entrance of the park.  After spending nine hours away, I knew the dogs would be eager to get […]

Kinley in the Car

Preparing My Dogs for a Road Trip

I’ve taken one dog on a road trip before.  Kinley and I did a 5,000+ mile road trip in 2010.  I took both Kinley and Aker on a camping trip last summer, but that was only a few hours of driving.  In May all three of us will be embarking on another 5,000+ road trip […]

Mother Nature Please Dismiss Winter

On Friday I took my dogs, Kinley and Aker, in for their spring haircuts.  Now just a few days later Mother Nature has decided that winter is not over yet.  I feel deflated by the sight of the one to two inches of snow in my backyard.  I wake up Kinley and Aker.  Even they […]