Beginning of Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley Tour

Originally I booked the Inca Trail Extension as an add-on to my Active Galapagos Tour with Intrepid.  Due to needing knee surgery for the 6th time coming up in November, I decided hiking the grueling Inca Trail was not a good idea.  Intrepid was able to change some things so that I could still see […]

La Catedral del Cuzco

La Catedral del Cuzco

I read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett several years ago.  I never would have believed that a book about building cathedrals in the 1100s would be interesting.  It’s a bit slow at first, but once it gets moving it’s a very easy read.  Ken Follett’s follow-on book World Without End is equally good.  […]

Starbucks View of La Catedral

A Starbucks Oasis in the Middle of Peru

When I first moved to Washington state I did not get the obsession with coffee and Starbucks.  Nearly 14 years later I’m as addicted to Starbucks just like a lot of other Washingtonians.  However, my beverage of choice is Unsweetened Well-Shaken Black Ice Tea, instead of coffee. When I had a layover in Lima the […]