Kinley and Aker on Lower Car Deck

Dogs on the Alaska Marine Highway System (Alaska Ferry)

I’ve shared a lot of stories/photos from my trip on the Alaska Marine Highway, but I have more! When I decided to go to Alaska I wanted to bring my dogs with me.  The original plan was to drive.  After thinking about it and some sound advice from my dad, I decided to take the […]

Wrangell Narrows

2012 Week #22

When I decided to take and post photos every week this year, I intentionally didn’t set any rules.  I never said I’d only pick my best photos.  Instead I have focused on my favorites or even most interesting.  This week I definitely choose photos I thought were interesting because of the story they tell. To […]

AMHS Terminal - Bellingham - Alaska Flag

2012 Week #19

I’m a bit behind getting my weekly photos posted.  I posted a lot of photos from my trip on the Alaska Marine Highway System, but here are a few more and links to the ones that I’ve already posted. Checking in from Ketchikan Alaska Finally…I’ve Seen Orcas in the Wild I had No Idea Petersburg, […]

AMHS - Columbia - Docked at Petersburg

I had No Idea Petersburg, Alaska was So Incredibly Beautiful

The beauty started as we entered the Wrangell Narrows.  The passage is so narrow that cruise ships don’t even stop at Petersburg.  At times it seemed I could reach out and touch the trees or narrow markers. Wrangell Narrows MV Columbia Docked in Petersburg MV Columbia’s Wake Between Narrow Markers   Petersburg To see all […]

AMHS - Columbia - Orcas in Wrangell

Finally…I’ve Seen Orcas in the Wild

I really, really, really wanted to see Orcas while I cruised through Canada and Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway System.  And finally, today my wishes were answered while waiting for our boat to leave Wrangell, Alaska.  There were two pods of Orcas.  It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to get a few decent […]

AMHS - Columbia - Finlayson Channel - View from back of Boat

Checking In From Ketchikan, Alaska

We left Bellingham, Washington on Friday at 6:30 pm and finally arrived in our first port today (Sunday at 6:30 am).  My dogs couldn’t have been happier to walk on solid ground.  I’ll write another time about the experience of travelling with two dogs on the Alaska Marine Highway System (ferry). With little time in […]

Alaska Marine Highway

Breaking News…Part One of My Alaska/Canada Road Trip Itinerary Has Changed

Last week I shared part one of a proposed itinerary for my Alaska/Canada Road Trip in my “Preparing Myself for a Road Trip” post.  Things have changed.  Although I’d really love to drive all the way to Alaska a different opportunity arose to today.  I’m purchasing a roundtrip ticket on the Alaska Marine Highway (the […]