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Tips for Traveling Safe as a Woman…No Tools Required…Just Commonsense

I’ve traveled with girlfriends, my sister, and my mom. I even travel a lot by myself. Over the years of travel with other women and by myself, I have learned ways to ensure my safety. But being safe doesn’t mean not having fun. In other words, don’t let fear rule your travels. In most circumstances […]

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Four Things I Love About Belize

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’ve really enjoyed my two trips to Belize and there are some really clear reasons why.  Here are four of them.  I’m sure the minute I hit ‘Publish’ on this post I’ll think of several more reasons. The People You can hardly identify who the locals are […]

Places to Eat on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

My friend Barb and I visited Isla Mujeres in September 2011.  We rented a condo and although we ate some of our meals in, we did venture out to restaurants frequently.  We used TripAdvisor as our guide and in most cases we agreed with the ratings that the places got, but in some we disagreed […]