Beginning of Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley Tour

Originally I booked the Inca Trail Extension as an add-on to my Active Galapagos Tour with Intrepid.  Due to needing knee surgery for the 6th time coming up in November, I decided hiking the grueling Inca Trail was not a good idea.  Intrepid was able to change some things so that I could still see […]

Our View on Santa Cruz

Leaving the Galapagos

Wow…we thought getting there took some steps.  Leaving took almost as many.  Breakfast was served at 7:00 am and promptly at 7:30 am our journey back to Quito began. We took a private bus from the main part of Santa Cruz to a ferry dock.  We boarded the ferry; us below and our bags haphazardly […]

Getting Ready to Land in San Cristobal

Getting to the Galapagos

Our tour with Intrepid officially started yesterday with a city tour of Quito, Ecuador but today we stepped foot on our first island in the Galapagos…San Cristobal. The day started fairly early with a 5:00 am wake-up call so that we could be in the van ready to go to the airport by 6:00 am.  […]

View of Quito from La Basilica

Making Our Way to Ecuador

View of a portion of Quito, Ecuador from La Basiica. Yesterday goes down in the books as one of my longest travel days yet and will likely hold that spot until I head home from this trip.  We left my friend’s place in Seattle at 6:00 am Friday morning and arrived at our hotel in […]

My Front Porch

Preparing My Home for Vacation

There are only a few days of work between now and when I board the ferry on Friday.  Finishing up the last few tasks at both work and home will keep me going full speeed between now and then. I’ve previously shared how I’m preparing… My Car My Dogs Myself …for our upcoming Alaska/Canada Road […]

Alaska Marine Highway

Breaking News…Part One of My Alaska/Canada Road Trip Itinerary Has Changed

Last week I shared part one of a proposed itinerary for my Alaska/Canada Road Trip in my “Preparing Myself for a Road Trip” post.  Things have changed.  Although I’d really love to drive all the way to Alaska a different opportunity arose to today.  I’m purchasing a roundtrip ticket on the Alaska Marine Highway (the […]

Kinley as My Co-Pilot

Preparing Myself for a Road Trip

I leave for Canada and Alaska in just over two weeks.  The time has been zooming by and I feel unprepared, especially since I’m going to be gallivanting around Portland this weekend (another post about that soon). I already mentioned how I’m preparing my car and my dogs for our upcoming road trip through Canada […]

Alaska (Spring/Autumn) Packing List

Documentation: Electronics: Clothing: Driver’s License Alarm Clock (b) 5 Undergarments Passport (a) Cell Phone & Charger 3 Socks Photocopy of Passport (a) Headphones and Splitter 1-2 Capris/Jeans Money/Money Belt Nikon Camera & Charger 1-2 Jacket/Sweater/Sweatshirt Notebook/Pen Waterproof Camera & Charger 1 Long Sleeve Shirt (c) Travel Guide/Map Tripod 3-5 Shirts Airline Reservations iPad/Laptop & Charger(s) […]

Road Trip Packing List

This is a list of additional items I would bring on a road trip.  For a list of personal items, check out one of my other packing lists. Sleeping (a) Cooking Comfort Tent Cooler Camp Chair (c) Air Mattress Food and Water Camp Light Pump Matches Citronella Candles Sleeping Bag and/or Blankets Camp Stove   […]

Kinley in the Car

Preparing My Dogs for a Road Trip

I’ve taken one dog on a road trip before.  Kinley and I did a 5,000+ mile road trip in 2010.  I took both Kinley and Aker on a camping trip last summer, but that was only a few hours of driving.  In May all three of us will be embarking on another 5,000+ road trip […]