Under Construction

Under ConstructionWhen I first started my blog, I was very confused about whether to use WordPress.com (essentially free unless you want additional features) and WordPress.org (free software, but you have to pay for hosting).  Because I was new and had no idea if I’d actually get anywhere with it, I choose the Wordpress.com.

A couple of years later and “maybe” a bit wiser, I have decided to make “the move”.  It requires that I get a self-hosting service and because my “blog friends” at PhotoBotos paved the way, I’ve chosen to go with BlueHost.  By the way, check PhotoBotos out…they have some amazing photography on their site.

WordPress offers a guided transfer service and, again with the guidance of PhotoBotos, I’m choosing that path.  Unfortunately, a guided transfer requires that I use a “free site template”.  So, over the next few days (maybe a week) I will be changing my site back to a less appealing “free site template”.

In the long run, I feel that I’ll have much more control over my blog.  The highlight will be the ability to use Google Analytics (which WordPress.com doesn’t allow).  I’ll be better able to understand how users are getting to my site and what they are most interested in.  Knowing that will allow me to tailor my site content accordingly.

I’m so excited to have finally made this decision.  So, please be patient during the construction.

Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. I found your blog while searching for Melmont ghost town. My hubby and I are looking forward to the hike there. I then visited more of your pages, the one about you was well written and I enjoyed reading about you and your adventure. I’ve saved your link for future reading.
    Since you’ve been blogging for two years I would suggest you remove the under construction part. I think it’s very well constructed. My roots are also in Alaska but I was born and raised in Seattle though now I live in Tacoma. Happy trails!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I really hope you enjoy your hike.

      My site is only temp under construction right now. I just changed it’s layout today and on Tuesday I’m upgrading from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

      I really appreciate your comments and am so glad you find my site well written/organized.

      And, I’m also really glad to hear you are from Alaska! Please let me know how your hike goes.

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