La Catedral del Cuzco

I read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett several years ago.  I never would have believed that a book about building cathedrals in the 1100s would be interesting.  It’s a bit slow at first, but once it gets moving it’s a very easy read.  Ken Follett’s follow-on book World Without End is equally good.  I  highly recommend both books.  Every time I enter a cathedral I can’t help but notice the amazing structure of the Naves.

While the external architecture of La Catedral in Cuzco was beautiful, it was the interior that made me awestruck.  Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any photographs of the interior.  I did purchase a couple of postcards, but they don’t even begin to convey the beauty.

According to Wikipedia the cathedral was finished in 1654 (nearly 100 years after it was started).  When I visited I noticed what looked to be a list of priests (although my Spanish leaves a bit to be desired) and the oldest listing was 1538 to 1541.  The most recent listing was 2004 with no ending date.  Some information within the cathedral said that it was restored between 1997 and 2000.

While the cost of entering is 25soles (approx. $10USD), I found it well worth it.  I couldn’t help but be transported back to the time of “Tom the Builder” in Pillars of the Earth…really…it’s worth a read.  Twice I just sat in the pews in silence.


La Catedral del Cuzco

La Catedral del Cuzco

La Catedral del Cuzco

Interior (postcards by Mande and Piki E.I.R.L.)

La Catedral Coro De La Catedral (Editorial Mande)La Catedral Main Altar (Editorial Piki EIRL)

La Catedral Virgin of the Nativity (Editorial Piki EIRL)La Catedral Altar Sr De Unu Punku (Editorial Mande)

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