Swimming with Giant Sea Turtles

It’s hard to pick a highlight from my trip to the Galapagos, but swimming with the Sea Turtles is probably tied for the top (with the Penguins)*.  I’ve seen small Sea Turtles in Belize, but the massive size and quantity of the ones I got to see off the coast of Isabela is something I will never forget…although I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget a single moment of the trip.

*If I’d have chosen my top pick earlier in the trip it would have been the Sea Lions.  They were amazing too.

If ever offered the chance to swim with these giants, I highly recommend it!

Note about photos:  Am I the only one that doesn’t read manuals?  I had no idea until yesterday (after I took all my sea turtles photos) that my camera has an underwater setting.  Since it is an underwater camera, I just assumed it would be in that setting by default.  I tried to clean the photos up a bit, but I’m hopeful that the next time I take underwater photos they will be even better.

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