Sea Lion Encounters

One of the first things we learned from our Intrepid guide, when we arrived on San Cristobal, was the difference between Seals and Sea Lions.  He also promised punishment for anyone who called them Seals instead of Sea Lions.  🙂

After our transport from the airport and hotel check-in, we walked to get lunch.  Along the way, our guide first pointed out a Sea Lion that was a bit offshore.  All we could see was its head bobbing in the water.  We didn’t know it at the time, but he was easing us into what we were about to see.  You’ll notice in the photos below that the Sea Lions pretty much own the island and everyone else is just renting space.  The rule is you have to stay six feet away from them.  I’ve found it hard at times since sometimes you don’t see them until you’ve walked right up to them.  Not because they are hard to see, but because you are focusing on something else and before you know it you’ve stumbled across another one.

Then there are the babies that want to come right up to you.  My understanding is that if you sit and they walk up to you the six foot rule doesn’t necessarily apply.Poser


However, when I large bull came out of the water towards us we all gave him plenty of space.

Bull Sea Lion

By the way, I had the most amazing Sea Lion encounter of all.  We were snorkeling and there was some assurance that we’d see Sea Lions in the water.  In hopes that it was true, I turned on my camera so I was ready.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know that after non-use my camera would turn itself off.  So, when a Sea Lion swam right towards my face and turned suddenly to then swim under the full length of my body, I missed the shot completely.  Now I know that even if there isn’t anything photo worthy I should take a photo every couple of minutes just to make sure the camera stays on.  Even though I didn’t get a photo of that encounter, it will be permanently etched in my memory.  It was truly something I will NEVER forget.

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