The Landscape of Denali National Park and Preserve

DNP - Entrance

Grizzly sow and cubs, prancing caribou, majestic dall sheep, and hidden moose (not to mention the moose charging) were all amazing, but the landscape of Denali National Park and Preserve was also beautiful.  I already shared some of the landscape in my post about the sunset.

I spent several hours sitting in my car, at various locations, trying to get a photo of Mt McKinley.  Try as I might it never happened.  Mt McKinley can be elusive.  Because of its height of 20,320 feet, it produces its own weather which keeps it clouded over a lot of the time.  I did capture a couple of photos of it peeking through.  I also captured a few photos of Mt McKinley from Anchorage.

Mt McKinley Peeking Through

Mt McKinley’s snow capped peak breaking through above the clouds.

DNP - Mt McKinley

Polychrome Pass

I watched a movie at the park visitor center that discussed the creation of the park road.  The movie narrator mentioned Polychrome Pass as the section where some guests requested to walk the road rather than ride.  It’s still a narrow stretch of road today.

Taken out of the bus window…yikes!

DNP - Road within Park (drop off)

The beautiful colors of Polychrome Pass.  Notice the dall sheep laying next to the road?

DNP - Polychrome Pass

Denali Landscape

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