Kinley and Aker on Lower Car Deck

Dogs on the Alaska Marine Highway System (Alaska Ferry)

I’ve shared a lot of stories/photos from my trip on the Alaska Marine Highway, but I have more! When I decided to go to Alaska I wanted to bring my dogs with me.  The original plan was to drive.  After thinking about it and some sound advice from my dad, I decided to take the […]

DNP - Landscape

The Landscape of Denali National Park and Preserve

Grizzly sow and cubs, prancing caribou, majestic dall sheep, and hidden moose (not to mention the moose charging) were all amazing, but the landscape of Denali National Park and Preserve was also beautiful.  I already shared some of the landscape in my post about the sunset. I spent several hours sitting in my car, at […]

DNP - Sunset Reflecting on Mountain

Sunset in Denali National Park and Preserve

Getting a sunset photo in summer (and even in the spring) could be challenging unless you want to stay up very, very late.  In the middle of the summer there would be a good chance of catching a sunset and sunrise within one hour of each other.  There wasn’t that much daylight while I was […]

DNP - Bull Moose

Hidden Moose in Denali National Park and Preserve

I don’t care how many moose I’ve seen in my life, I get excited every time.  During my Alaska/Canada road trip I saw 38.  Of those, eight were in Denali National Park and Preserve.  The thing about moose in the spring was they were shedding and sometimes looked a bit ragged.  They also blended in […]

Wrangell Narrows

2012 Week #22

When I decided to take and post photos every week this year, I intentionally didn’t set any rules.  I never said I’d only pick my best photos.  Instead I have focused on my favorites or even most interesting.  This week I definitely choose photos I thought were interesting because of the story they tell. To […]

Kluane River

Drive Part of the Alaska-Canada Highway with Me

The questions I was asked the most  about driving (at least part of the way) to Alaska had to do with road conditions.  The part of the highway that is within Alaska (Delta Junction to the Border) is in good shape.  I only drove a portion of the highway within Canada (the Border to Whitehorse).  […]