Bear Art

Museum of the North at University of Alaska – Fairbanks

I remember enjoying the Museum of the North as a child.  I think it’s the best history and wildlife museum in Alaska.  There are Native American, World War II, Gemstone, Animal, Fossil, and Art displays. Blue Babe One display that really stands out to me is Blue Babe.  Blue Babe is a prehistoric Alaska steppe […]

Polar Bear Bites

The Alaska Zoo

When I was very young we lived near the Alaska Zoo.  I don’t remember much from then.  I do however remember trips we made after we moved away. My Memories The two animals I remember the most are Annabelle (the elephant) and Binky (the polar bear).  They are both gone now, but in their time […]

DNP - Caribou Prancing Across Road

Prancing Caribou in Denali National Park and Preserve

Caribou are interesting animals.  I found out a couple new tidbits about caribou on this trip. They have hollow hair which helps them swim and keep warm. They keep two temperatures…one for their core body and one for their legs.  In extreme cold, they are able to redirect heat from their legs to their core. […]

Carcross General Store

Almost a Ghost Town – Carcross, Yukon Territory

During the ferry trip to Alaska, I met several great people.  One of them heard that I was leaving via Skagway.  She told me not to miss Carcross, which was a small town between Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and Skagway, Alaska.  It used to be named Caribou Crossing and was changed to Carcross in the early […]


The Bears of All Bears

Remember when I couldn’t believe I saw black bears along the highway?  And, remember how cute the grizzly sow and cubs were? Well today I had quite a treat while traveling the Klondike Highway.  Nope, I didn’t run into anyone rushing to stake their Klondike Gold Claim.  I came across not one, but two grizzly […]

Dall Sheep

Dall Sheep in Denali National Park and Preserve

Getting into the Park There are several options for getting into Denali National Park and Preserve. Private car can be driven the first 15 miles or sometimes farther with a special pass.  I drove in several times in an attempt to get a nice photo of Mount McKinley.  Unfortunately McKinley stayed clouded over the entire […]

Ice Museum Igloo

I got Locked in an Ice Museum

Thursday I drove to Chena Hot Springs (east of Fairbanks).  The last time I visited Chena was in the 1980s with my parents and sister.  The biggest change since then was the addition of a year-round ice museum.  The ice museum is kept at a chilly 20 degrees Fahrenheit by the use of an absorption […]

DNP - Grizzly Sow and Cubs

Grizzly Bears in Denali National Park and Preserve

Two of the hardest animals to spot in Denali National Park are grizzly bears and wolves.  During my trip I missed out on the wolves, but I did see a grizzly sow and her two cubs.  The little cubs were amazing, so in addition to my photos I snapped a quick video.  They really seemed […]

Cow Moose

Moose Gone Wild in Denali National Park and Preserve

Yesterday I took the shuttle into the park, but I had no idea that the most “exciting” thing that would happen was waiting for me back at camp. I stayed at the Riley Creek campground near the entrance of the park.  After spending nine hours away, I knew the dogs would be eager to get […]

Flat Top

Hiking and Viewing at Flat Top in Anchorage, Alaska

Whenever I’m asked for places to see in Alaska (or more specifically Anchorage) Flat Top makes the cut.  The main viewing area can be accessed by car (driving directions below).  Depending on the weather Mount Susitna (Sleeping Lady) and Mt. McKinley and its foothills can be seen across Knik Arm.  Also, Anchorage in its entirety can […]