Tulips at Portland Saturday Market

The Sights, Smells, Sounds, Tastes, and People of the Portland Saturday Market

Located at 108 W Burnside, Portland Saturday Market was a must experience event.  I remembered visiting the market in 1998, when I moved to Washington State.  This past weekend, nearly 14 years later, marked my second visit.  One thing was certain; the hippy feel of the market hadn’t changed at all in those 14 years. […]

Ik Kil Cenote - Rock and Waterfall

Ik Kil Cenote – An Untraditional Pool

Twitter’s #FriFotos theme this week is POOL. I don’t usually take photos of pools, so I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to share…especially since I live in Western Washington where pools are few and far between. Then I remembered an incredible place I visited the last time I was in Mexico…Ik Kil Cenote. I realize […]

Kinley as My Co-Pilot

Preparing Myself for a Road Trip

I leave for Canada and Alaska in just over two weeks.  The time has been zooming by and I feel unprepared, especially since I’m going to be gallivanting around Portland this weekend (another post about that soon). I already mentioned how I’m preparing my car and my dogs for our upcoming road trip through Canada […]

Alaska (Spring/Autumn) Packing List

Documentation: Electronics: Clothing: Driver’s License Alarm Clock (b) 5 Undergarments Passport (a) Cell Phone & Charger 3 Socks Photocopy of Passport (a) Headphones and Splitter 1-2 Capris/Jeans Money/Money Belt Nikon Camera & Charger 1-2 Jacket/Sweater/Sweatshirt Notebook/Pen Waterproof Camera & Charger 1 Long Sleeve Shirt (c) Travel Guide/Map Tripod 3-5 Shirts Airline Reservations iPad/Laptop & Charger(s) […]

Road Trip Packing List

This is a list of additional items I would bring on a road trip.  For a list of personal items, check out one of my other packing lists. Sleeping (a) Cooking Comfort Tent Cooler Camp Chair (c) Air Mattress Food and Water Camp Light Pump Matches Citronella Candles Sleeping Bag and/or Blankets Camp Stove   […]

Fun with Photography (ISO)

Here’s is another installment from my travel photography course at Matador U. This time the assignment is practicing with ISO. I’ll be honest. I don’t mess with ISO much. I often forget to adjust it and if I have a tripod on hand I don’t find many opportunities to change ISO. Today I have an […]

Musk Ox

Nothing Screams Earth Week like Taxidermy

Actually taxidermy probably speaks anti Earth Week, but let me explain. Wednesday night I signed in to Twitter and found out that the #FriFotos theme was Earth Week, which starts Sunday.  I was stumped.  A few thoughts crossed my mind, but nothing excited me.  I thought about taking photos of an old globe I had, […]

Turtles on Log

Wildlife in Downtown Bellevue – The Mercer Slough

I didn’t go hiking this weekend, unless you count another failed attempt to get a sunrise photos, but I did run into the office to get a file and that turned into quite an adventure. It started out nearly disastrous.  I’ll never go into the office without my cell phone and I’ll never use the elevator on […]