Rendezvous Caye Sunrise

My Photography Equipment

NOTE — This information has been moved to a static page and will be kept current there. ***Click Here*** I’ve always enjoyed photography, but I’d say a trip to Belize in 2010 really piqued my interest.  I took two point and shoot cameras (one for underwater).  During a three day sailing and camping adventure along […]

Eagle at Deep Creek

Photo Journal of Ninichik, Alaska

As I sit here with my Milepost getting ready to plan my next trip home to Alaska, I can’t help reminiscing about my last trip through some of the photos I took.  These were pre-DSLR, so I’m hoping to get some better ones during my upcoming trip in May. Bald Eagles at Deep Creek (Ninilchik) I […]

Sunrise on Isla Mujeres

Chasing the Sun

I’m extremely infatuated with the sun. Everywhere I travel includes attempts to capture sunrise or sunset photos. In many instances I’m left disappointed by my photography skills. But, occasionally I capture something that I truly love. This particular photograph was taken at sunrise on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. All I had to do was step outside […]

Language Books

Tips for Traveling Safe as a Woman…No Tools Required…Just Commonsense

I’ve traveled with girlfriends, my sister, and my mom. I even travel a lot by myself. Over the years of travel with other women and by myself, I have learned ways to ensure my safety. But being safe doesn’t mean not having fun. In other words, don’t let fear rule your travels. In most circumstances […]

Photo Journal of Caye Caulker, Belize

Here are some snapshots from my recent trip to Caye Caulker. I especially like the warning on the police station and of course there is the ‘Go Slow’ mentality. As a couple of locals have told me ‘On Caye Caulker…Go Slow…because on the island we have two cemeteries and no hospitals.’  

Alcatraz from Sausalito Ferry

Golden Gate Ferry (Sausalito to San Francisco)

My friend and I were headed to San Francisco one day and on the way I was using her phone to search for things to do. One of the things that came up was a ferry ride from Sausalito to San Francisco (Golden Gate Ferry). It was reported to be one of the most scenic […]